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Dòng dải đèn LED có chỉ số hoàn màu cao: CRI90 VS CRI80

Thời gian: 2023-01-05 Lượt truy cập: 46

Generally, high-rendering index LED strips refer to series products with a color rendering index exceeding 90. Generally, the color rendering index can be called CRI, which is a measure of the accuracy of the true color of an object illuminated by a light source.

High CRI products can be used in brand display stores, high-end hotels, office buildings, museums, art galleries, hospitals and other places.

Làm thế nào để chọn đúng sản phẩm dải LED CRI cao?

For the cost, the higher the CRI, the higher the price. For most applications, CR > 80 is sufficient. For some scenes that need to meet the high requirements of color reproduction, it is necessary to use high CRI LED strips with a CRI of 90 or even 95.


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